The Road to Compliance

It is a crucial tool for organizations to manage their compliance efforts efficiently and effectively in order to meet the standards of applicable laws, regulations, and industry requirements.

If you are an organization who is trying to maintain HIPAA compliance or if you’re wanting to achieve HITRUST or NIST 800-53 certification, we will help you by creating a powerful roadmap to guide you to your compliance goals.

Aligned With Your Goals

Security Apex will ensure that your compliance program is thorough, effective, and sustainable.

Our guidance and support in implementing necessary policies, procedures, and controls will keep you maintain HIPAA compliance, Patient Health information (EPHI / PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and all other sensitive data.

Our efficient and effective navigation of the complex requirements of the HITRUST framework can help you achieve certification, giving you the confidence you need to securely handle health information.

By identifying applicable controls, assessing your current state of compliance, and developing a plan to address any gaps or deficiencies, we can help you improve your security posture with NIST 800-53 security and control standards.

Roadmap for Remediation

1. Assess

  • What are the organization's goals?
  • What are the threats and countermeasures?
  • Interviews
  • Diagramming
  • Review

2. Analyze

  • What gaps have been identified between the threats and countermeasures.
  • How do those gaps contribute to the overall risk?
  • What considerations contribute to the organization's overall goals?

3. Recommend

  • What order should gaps be remediated in?
  • What techniques/strategies should be used to remediate?
  • What techniques/strategies support the company's goals?

4. Track

  • Who should be handling the related system/organizational changes.
  • What changes are implemented, have been implemented, or are planned for implementation?

5. Review

  • What has been the outcome of the recommended changes that the organization undertook?
  • How have the recommended changes aligned with the company goals?