Eliminate Risk. Ensure Reward.

Having a thorough risk management strategy is essential for any organization in order to successfully manage potential threats and to make informed decisions to mitigate or avoid them. A poor assessment can have many undesirable consequences, such as financial loss, damage to reputation and legal consequences.

Security Apex supports your risk management strategy by implementing a robust risk assessment process which leverages specialized knowledge, tools, and methodologies to ensure that the process is comprehensive, effective, and actionable.

Our Approach

Developing a future-proof policy framework is essential.

1. Discovery Phase

We work with your management team to capture essential information and build a clear understand.

2. Analysis Phase

We analyze the information that was gathered and provide you with a Risk Assessment Report. 

3. Post-Assessment Phase

We provide a list of remediation items and guidance on how you can mitigate the risks and fix any vulnerabilities.

4. Annual Review

We will repeat the risk assessment process annually to account for the fluctuating threat topography.

Meet Your Compliance Needs

If you’re looking to maintain HIPAA compliance or if wanting to achieve HITRUST or NIST 800-53 certification, we can help you by creating a powerful roadmap to guide you to your compliance goals.

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